DW Purchase Protection

You are protected whenever you make any purchase on Designer Wardrobe. We are able to provide a full refund if your item never ships or does not match the listing description*. Otherwise, all sales are final. The system we have in place to protect you is called DW Purchase Protection. By purchasing on Designer Wardrobe, you accept the following terms.

How it Works

We have you covered with peace of mind shopping! While most sales are seamless and are completed within just a few days, we are able to hold your payment for after your purchase and give you plenty of time to request a refund or return if needed. However, it's only fair to pay sellers as quickly as possible, so Purchase Protection will automatically end earlier when:
  • Your order has been marked as “Delivered”. You will still have 24 hours after delivery to inspect your purchase and make sure it meets the description in the listing.
  • It has been a reasonable period of time since the purchase was made and we haven't heard from you. You will always receive a one-time notification via Email & SMS/text message (if opted in) 24 hours before your payment is automatically released to the seller, giving you time to open a dispute if required. 
  • You confirm that you received your item or leave positive feedback for the seller.
Please note: Once the Purchase Protection period ends you will not be able to request a refund or return.

What is covered when your item is different from the listing description

If any of the following pertain to your order - we recommend opening a dispute immediately:
Incorrect or missing item/s
Undisclosed damage E.g. There's a stain or rip that wasn't mentioned
Item not as described E.g. The item is a different size than what it was listed at
Item is not authentic E.g. A counterfeit Gucci bag
If a return is authorised, you must submit a tracking number for the return within 5 days of approval to be eligible for a refund. Please note that DW will not reimburse return postage.

If you believe your item to be a fake or replica item, make sure to open a dispute. For most items, we are able to help you make arrangements to verify the item, and if it’s not the real deal, you are able to return your item to the seller and get a full refund. Please note: you must open any disputes within the DW Purchase Protection period.

Disclaimer: Designer Wardrobe is a marketplace for secondhand items, and while it is fair and reasonable to expect that your item is consistent with the listing description - it is also important to thoroughly read the listing description and ask any questions if you have any. In the interest of fairness to both Buyers and Sellers - it is at Designer Wardrobe’s sole discretion to issue a full or partial refund for any dispute pertaining to consistency with the listing description.

What is not covered

It’s important to note that DW Purchase Protection does not cover issues with fit or style, or change of mind. However, you can always re-list the item on Designer Wardrobe!

If a refund is processed, please note that all refunds are processed in the original currency of purchase. Any discrepancies in refund amounts due to exchange rates or processing fees are dictated by your bank or card issuer's international transaction policies, which are beyond our control.

Trading off the platform

Designer Wardrobe does not cover trades or transactions not completed on Designer Wardrobe (our website or mobile app platforms). When payment for the full value of items is not made via the Designer Wardrobe platform, we are unable to guarantee that both parties will ship and transact as promised. You accept all risks associated with any such transactions. We made Designer Wardrobe to be as safe as possible - that is why trading off the site is against our Terms of Use and may result in your membership being restricted or cancelled.

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