There's an issue with my purchase. What do I do?

Though very rare, every now and again issues can happen. On Designer Wardrobe, we've made dealing with this sort of thing as easy as possible.

I have not received my Purchase

If your Purchase Protection is running out and you haven't received your item, please follow these steps:

Please Open a Dispute by clicking  here, or by navigating to Purchases > Your Purchased Item > Open a Dispute from within your Dashboard.
Select I have not received my order as the Dispute Issue.
We will extend your  Purchase Protection and contact the Seller on your behalf.
If we do not receive a response from the Seller - you will receive a full refund for your purchase.

I have received my Purchase, but it is not as described

We encourage you to  message to the Seller as a first step - however there are some rare situations where the Designer Wardrobe team will need to formally step in to solve a dispute.

By Opening a Dispute as a Buyer, you are formally stating that you believe the item you have received is different from the listing description, and need help from us to remedy the situation.

It's important to note that not all situations are covered by DW Purchase Protection. View our  DW Purchase Protection section to learn more.

If you have received your item, but it is not as described - please follow these steps:


Please  Open a Dispute by clicking here, or by navigating to My Purchase > Open a Dispute from within your Dashboard.


Select the appropriate Dispute Issue and include any relevant information in the Comment section.

Please note you can only open disputes within your Purchase Protection period. If you are unable to see an Open Dispute button, your Buyer Protection may have expired. Please view the  DW Purchase Protection section to learn more.

I've Opened a Dispute. What happens next?

We will be in touch! The team carefully review all issues and make it a priority to reach a fair resolution as quickly as possible. To make the process fair and simple, the decision to issue a refund is at the sole discretion of the Designer Wardrobe team.

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