Book a Courier - Terms

These are the terms and conditions on which Designer Wardrobe Limited offers the "Book a Courier" service to you. 

By using "Book a Courier", you accept these terms and agree that:

  • You will abide by Courier Post's terms and conditions.
  • Designer Wardrobe may release your address, name and phone number to facilitate delivery.
  • Designer Wardrobe and Courier Post/NZ Post have no liability for any damage or loss to the item until it has an electronic scan applied, which indicates the item has been accepted into the Carrier’s network.
    • "Book a Courier" is powered by NZ Post, so we are unfortunately unable to provide assistance if you believe your item has been picked up but not scanned. In this instance, please contact NZ Post directly via Phone: 0800 268 743 or Email:
  • If your item is lost/damaged, you will need to lodge a dispute directly with NZ Post via Phone: 0800 268 743 or Email:
  • You will not send any items that are prohibited or restricted.
  • You will provide accurate item measurements. Underestimating the item’s dimensions is likely to incur extra shipping costs which will be debited from any payment source we have available that is associated with your account.
    • The calculation for overcharge is the Courier's extra charge (the difference between your original payment and the amount the courier has charged us, which may include an administration charge of $5.50) + payment fees + GST.
    • If you overestimate the item’s dimensions (and the Carrier invoices Designer Wardrobe for less than anticipated) your account will not be credited.
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