When do I get paid?

Getting paid after making a sale is fast and easy! You can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account for free, or spend on DW.
You will get paid when at least one of the below happens:
- 🚀 Fastest way: 24 hours after your item is marked as "Delivered" (as per tracking) 

- When the Buyer marks the item as "Received".

- When it has been a reasonable period of time (usually 7 days) and we haven't heard from the Buyer.

My Sale is "Pending" or "Awaiting Payment". What does this mean?

Please view the table below to work out what your payment status means:

Status What it Means
Awaiting Payment This simply means we have not received payment of the item.

This is most likely because the Buyer has selected "Bank Deposit", and we haven't received the transfer - or - you have accepted an offer and the Buyer haven't completed checkout.
Pending We have received payment from the Buyer, but your earnings have not been released yet.

The is likely because the Buyer has not received the item, or it has been less than 24 hours since your item was received (according to your tracking number).
Sale Complete The Sale has completed, and your earnings are available in your DW Wallet.
Trusting Buyers are more likely to purchase your item, and in order to offer  DW Purchase Protection for Buyers, your earnings will show as  Pending in your  DW Wallet until the Buyer receives the item and is satisfied that it matches the listing.

How to Enter Tracking

When you sell an item, you will receive an email to enter your tracking number. You can also do this by going to you  My Sales page.
When you enter your tracking number for a recent sale, we start tracking it, and let the Buyer know automatically.
For Sales: 24 hours after your item has been marked Delivered, your earnings will be available to be withdrawn from your DW Wallet.
For Rentals: Your earnings will be available at 5pm on the day your rental was due to commence.

Why 24 hours? While the vast majority of members love their new items, this post-delivery inspection period allows the Buyer a short amount of time to check the item matches the listing description.

What happens if I don't enter a Tracking Number?

If you do not enter your tracking, or send your item on an unsupported courier - we are unable to pay you out automatically - but you will still get paid!

Your earnings will be available once the Buyer has confirmed they have received the item - or - 7 weekdays after the item was paid for, if we haven't heard from the Buyer. Click here to read about what couriers we support

My Buyer has received my item, but I haven't been paid. What happens now?

If you were unable to add tracking to the item, or you delivered the item in person - we recommend in the first instance to contact the Buyer (by opening a chat) - and asking them to click "Confirm Item Received". This will instantly release your earnings to you.

If you still do not get a response - you may need to wait until the Buyer's Purchase Protection expires - this will be 7 working days from the date your item was sold. Please note, you are able to see the time until your earnings are available in your  My Sales section.

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