Cancellation Policy

Please note: we have you covered if you do not receive your item, or your item is not described. Learn more about DW Purchase Protection.

Am I able to cancel a purchase?

In order to ensure that both Buyers and Sellers have a great time trading on Designer Wardrobe, when an item is purchased the sale is legally binding. Although some Sellers may accept a cancellation as a courtesy, they are not obligated to do so.

If you want to cancel your order because you have changed your mind, we recommend that you message the Seller as soon as possible, as only they can cancel the order at their sole discretion. It is important to note that this must take place before an item is in transit on its way to you.

I'm a Seller and I have accepted a cancellation on a recent sale. What do I do?

In order to initiate your acceptance of a cancellation, please locate your listing and click 'Open a Dispute' as soon as possible.

Under the Dispute Issue, please select 'This order has been cancelled' and provide the details.

Once received, any Success Fees you may have paid will be refunded directly to your  DW Wallet.

Can a Seller cancel a purchase?

Although unlikely, there are occasionally some circumstances that prevent a Seller being able to fulfill a sale that is beyond their control. Some typical reasons may be that the item was listed with incorrect details (e.g. condition) or the item has been damaged beyond repair after the listing was created.

You will be notified if a Seller has cancelled an order. We will refund your payment in full to your payment source. If you have any questions about the cancellation, we recommend you contact the Seller directly.

We are always looking to keep improving the experience for Buyers and Sellers on our marketplace. In order to avoid unnecessary disappointment for our members, accounts with an excessive amount of cancellations may be restricted at our discretion.

How do I cancel my rental?

We totally understand that circumstances can change! That's why for any rental that we haven't started getting ready we can offer a DW Rental Credit. Please click here to view your upcoming rental bookings and to cancel, click the button "Cancel/Return Unworn".

There is a lot of preparation (such as dry-cleaning) that must be done by the team before a rental is dispatched and as well as that, someone who may have wanted the dress would not have been able to book it during the time before the rental was cancelled. This is why we do need to recoup some of that cost when a rental is cancelled. Please see our cancellation policy below:

Date of cancellation

DW Rental Credit Given*

At least 5 days before the rental start date

Full value of the rental booking

Less than 5 Days before the rental start date

No credit given

* DW Rental Credit lasts for 1 year from the date of issue and can be used to rent anything on Designer Wardrobe.

Please note we don't give cash refunds for any cancellations, we only issue DW Rental Credit. DW Rental Credit cannot be used for Marketplace purchases.

View also: DW Fit Guarantee

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