Policy on customer information requests

Designer Wardrobe, in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, does not disclose private information about its customers unless legally required (e.g. through an NZ Police request). If a valid legal request is received, Designer Wardrobe will release the requested information if it can be located and retrieved.

Law enforcement or government agencies seeking customer information must provide as much detail as possible to assist Designer Wardrobe in identifying the relevant account and/or transaction. Broad or unclear requests, or requests that are not from an official agency, will not be responded to or processed. The official legal request must include the following information for verification:
  • Agency name
  • Agency official email address
  • Agent name and badge/ID number
  • Agent official email address
  • Agent phone number (with extension if applicable)
  • Verifiable physical return address
  • Case reference number or other case identifier
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