How to delete my account

You are able to self-delete your account when logged onto Designer Wardrobe. Please note: we are unable to process any deletion requests that are submitted through a written request to Designer Wardrobe.

How to delete your account


  1. Go to your PROFILE
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Manage Account Status
  4. Select Delete My Account


Go to Settings - Manage account status | Designer Wardrobe and follow the steps

If you have already deleted your account:

  • Make sure to delete the app from all your devices.
  • Make sure to clear your browser history, cookies, and cache

Please note:

  • Your account will still remain active and will not be officially removed if the app is deleted from your phone without submitting a deletion request.
  • Our system will be unable to process your deletion request if there are any pending transactions.
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