Shipping to New Zealand from Australia

Note: The seller is always responsible for shipping an item to a buyer.

How to set shipping costs on your items
  • When listing an item for sale, go to the "Shipping" and enter the price for sending to New Zealand and Australia (these are separate fields)
  • By default, the shipping is set to $10 (to AU) and $20 (to NZ), but you are welcome to change these to whatever amount you choose.
  • You can turn off the ability for NZ buyers to purchase your item, by turning the toggle "off" for New Zealand shipping.
  • For free shipping, just leave the price as zero.

How to ship to NZ

Shipping to New Zealand is (almost!) as easy as sending locally - there are a variety of couriers that offer this service, which offer both free pickup near most places in Australia:

Australia Post (AUS Post) | view drop-off locations


Couriers Please

E.g. Australia Post is $23.70* for sending an A4 sized package to NZ (with tracking and signature), with Couriers Please being $21.76*.

Above: Australia Post small satchel (with tracking and signature) to New Zealand. Small Satchels are perfect for most categories (tops, dresses etc). You will typically only need a bigger satchel for shoes and jackets.

* correct at time of writing.

Packaging Supplies

If you are packaging items yourself - finding courier bags is easy. Just pick some up from Office Works or any local stationery outlet.

E.g. a pack of 5 A4 sizes bags (perfect for dresses, etc) is just $2.09 at Office Works.

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