Dormant Accounts

While no-one likes fees (neither do we!), there are expenses to maintain Inactive (dormant) accounts that have a positive DW Wallet balance. Because of this, Designer Wardrobe needs to recover this cost and the additional related costs we incur when accounts like these are left dormant.

If your Designer Wardrobe DW Wallet has a positive balance, and it has been over 12 months since you transacted using your DW Wallet (e.g. withdrew your DW Cash or made a purchase using DW Cash) -  your DW Wallet is considered ‘Inactive’. Once your account's DW Wallet is Inactive, your Designer Wardrobe DW Wallet balance will be charged a small fee (of up to $9.95 each month) until you:

Please note:

  • Once your DW Wallet balances reaches zero, no further fees are ever charged.
  • Any fees are only deducted from your DW Wallet (not any other payment source) and your account cannot go into a negative balance.
It’s super easy to avoid paying this - all you need to do is login to your Designer Wardrobe account within the time specified via email  and make a purchase or withdraw some or all of your DW Wallet balance. This will prevent any fee from being deducted from your DW Wallet balance.
Designer Wardrobe will send you a 30-day warning notice if your DW Wallet is considered Inactive, as well as an additional notification on your first monthly charge.
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