How it Works

We have a brand new experience on Designer Wardrobe that makes it a lot safer and easier to Buy and Sell. This is an exciting new chapter in our dedication to making DW the best experience for everyone.

While this makes Designer Wardrobe a much easier way to trade, there are a few changes which you need to know about. Please see the below for more information:


Is it still free to list?

Absolutely - selling an item on Designer Warrobe is always 100% free to list. However, in order to offer you a great platform (including our iPhone App) and top-notch support we do charge a small fee when you successfully sell an item. Read More about DW Fees.


How does payment work for Sellers?

This is where we make things easy for you - as a Seller you do not need to worry about collecting payment info as we follow up for do this on your behalf. It also means you can accept Credit Cards. We even pass on the address details for you.

We safely hold your earnings until the item has been received, and as long as you send your item tracked there should be no issues at all. Your earnings will be immediately available for withdrawal once released. Remember, trusting buyers a lot more likely to buy your item! 


How does Shipping work?

As an exciting new feature there are now 2 options for Shipping your items. You can select your Shipping option when listing your item.

1) DW Shipping Kits

To make the selling process even easier, you can select to use our free DW Shipping Kits. When you sell an item, we send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed courier bag. All you need to do is drop it at the post office!

2) DIY (Organise your own) Shipping

If you'd prefer to ship the item yourself, just select "I'll arrange my own shipping" when listing your item.

You then enter a price you'd like to charge Buyers to cover the postage cost. The price you enter for Shipping will be added to the Total listing value. For example, if you listed an item for $50 with a $5 Shipping amount, it will now show as $55 with “Shipping Included”, instead of $50 + $5 Shipping.

Don't worry, when you send items yourself you will still retain ​100%​ of the Shipping cost (excluding pick-ups).


How does payment work for Buyers?

This is how we can offer DW Purchase Protection. You pay us instead of paying the Seller, and we let the Seller know to send the item. We then release the payment once you've received your item and are satisfied it matches the listing.

Although rare - this means you are always protected if you do not receive your item, or your item is not as per the listing description.

How does it all work?

Good question! It's quite simple really - The Buyer pays us into the Designer Wardrobe bank account instead of paying to your personal bank account. We then hold those funds safely in your DW Wallet, which is conveniently located your Dashboard area.

Once the sale has been completed, you can withdraw your funds to your bank (at no charge), or spend it on Designer Wardrobe. Easy! This is also how we offer Buyers DW Purchase Protection.


I just sold an item but haven't received any details - why?

At this time, we send all important information such as address details, payment receipts via email.

If you have not received your information, please check the following:

  • Please check your Spam folder. We have found that Hotmail accounts (especially) have put some of our important emails here.
  • Please check that the email address that you used to sign up with to Designer Wardrobe is still valid. You can find this in Settings > My Details

If you are still not receiving emails, please Contact Us.


A Seller has asked me to pay to their personal bank account - what do I do?

Although rare (and most likely a misunderstanding!), if this does happen please do not proceed with the transaction and Contact Us. This is strictly against our Terms of Use and may result in the Seller's account being disabled.

Important: If you complete the transaction directly with the Seller, we are unable to offer you any support or Purchase Protection. You may also risk your account being disabled.


Why are you doing this?

Our goal from the beginning has been to make Designer Wardrobe a safe and enjoyable community of girls who love to trade their pre-loved designer fashion with each other.

After a huge amount of work we are very excited to be able to bring this service to you - but as always we love getting your feedback, so if you do have any comments please let us know!


Please click here for further reading on Buying and Selling on Designer Wardrobe.

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