Shipping Policy

In order to ensure great experience when Buying and Selling, all sales on Designer Wardrobe are shipped are Tracked and Traced on an Overnight Courier.

Sellers have two options when Shipping their items when sold:

DW Shipping Kits

When an item is purchased (and the seller has opted to use our Shipping Kits), the Buyer will automatically be sent the NZ Post Tracking information via email without the Seller having to send this through. This allows the Buyer to track the item. Packages are aimed to be received by Buyer's within 2 working days of the Shipping Kit being received by the Seller.

Learn more about DW Shipping Kits

Shipping Arranged by the Seller

Sometimes Sellers will arrange their own Shipping. Sellers are required to Courier items tracked on an Overnight Courier. To keep things simple, the cost for Shipping is always included in the listing price.

If Sellers do not send their items via a Tracked method, they may be liable to refund the Buyer if the item is misplaced. Learn More


Learn More about how we display Shipping to potential Buyers.

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