DW Wallet

What is my DW Wallet?

Your DW Wallet is the easiest way to manage your earnings on Designer Wardrobe. As a seller, instead of exchanging bank account details and following up on payments, we collect payments from Buyers and deposit your earnings into your DW Wallet. Any cleared funds are able to be withdrawn to your bank account (at no cost to you), or spent on Designer Wardrobe. Easy!

How do I view my DW Wallet?

To view your DW Wallet, simply login and click on your My Account section. Your DW Wallet will be visible with the amount of funds available. For a more detailed breakdown, you can click on the DW Wallet icon.

What is DW Cash?

You can think of DW Cash as regular cash. You are able to withdraw these earnings to your NZ Bank Account (at no charge to you), or spend on Designer Wardrobe.


I have an amount “Pending”. Why?

All purchases on Designer Wardrobe automatically have DW Purchase Protection. If you recently sold an item on Designer Wardrobe, your earnings from that sale will be visible as “Pending Cash”. Once we have received funds from the Buyer, there is a period of up to 6 working days (or until the Buyer confirms that they have received and are satisfied with their purchase) before your earnings are able to be withdrawn available as DW Cash. If the Buyer has Opened a Dispute due to an issue with their purchase, your earnings will remain pending until we resolve the issue. Likewise, if the Buyer has extended their Purchase Protection because they haven’t yet received their item, your earnings will remain pending until the Buyer Protection Period elapses. Learn more about DW Purchase Protection


How do I make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal:

  • Go to your DW Wallet.
  • If there are earnings available for withdrawal, click “Make a Withdrawal”.
  • We’ll prompt you on the next screen to fill in your Bank Account details.
  • We process withdrawals twice a day during weekdays. However, due to the bank processing times please allow up to three working days for your withdrawal to be paid into your bank account.

What is DW Credit?

If you have DW Credit - lucky you! Sometimes we give away some free DW Credit - it’s our way of helping you purchase a lovely item that you’ve had your eye on. DW Credits are in $NZD and can be used at any time to buy or rent an item you love on Designer Wardrobe. If you have DW Credit available at the point of Checkout, it will automatically be applied and deducted from your order total. To check how much DW Credit you have, just go to your DW Wallet - the total amount of credit will be visible under “DW Credit”.

Important: DW Credit can be used for purchases $50 and over. You may use up to $10 DW Credit per transaction. You are unable to withdraw DW Credit.


How do I know how much I will earn?

For information about our fees and how your earnings are calculated, please go to the DW Fees section.

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