What is the 'Make an Offer' feature?

'Make an Offer' is a great feature for when you've found an item you love, but don't want to pay quite as much as the asking price.

When would I use it?

You've found a Karen Walker top you love, and it's $200 (including shipping). You''ve decided you'd pay $150 for it, so you 'Make an Offer' of $150 instead of paying the full purchase price of $200.

How do I make an Offer?

Just click 'Make an Offer' on any listing and enter the price you are willing to pay. The seller has 3 days to accept or decline this offer, and you will notified of their decision.

If the Seller accepts your offer, it is a binding agreement to purchase the item and you will need to complete the Checkout process.

Please note: Making an Offer does not secure the item and the item is able to be sold before any decision has been made by the Seller.

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