DW Recycle - Terms

DW Recycle - T’s and C’s

  • DW Recycle is a service from Designer Wardrobe where we sell your items on your behalf. Your items will be sold primarily online, or to maximise the chance of a sale we may also place your items into one of our Designer Wardrobe stores.
  • When you make a sale, your earnings will be deposited into your DW Wallet automatically after each sale has completed. Our fees are on a commission basis only, and you are only charged for a successful sale.

Item Selling Price* Our Commission
less than $60 45%
$60 - $299.99 40%
$300 or more 35%

* Item selling price does not include any shipping fees that we collect from buyers. There is a minimum commission of $4.95 for any sold item.

  • Your items will be online or in-store for up to six weeks. Generally, we will discount unsold items at the following rates:
    • Three weeks at full price. Note: most items tend to sell during this time!
    • Two weeks at up to 70% of originally listed price
    • One week at up to 50% of originally listed price

Please note at any time we will review and potentially accept reasonable offers that are made by buyers.

* discount and timings may differ from the above to improve the chance of a sale. We do not generally exceed a 50% discount compared to your item’s originally listed price.

  • Your clothes need to be sent in freshly laundered or drycleaned, with no discernible odours, stains or damage.
  • If an item you send is not accepted or is not sold after six weeks, it will expire. If your item expires we will hold on to your items for an additional 7 days and if we don’t hear from you your items will be donated to a charity of our choice, or an outlet that donates to charity.
  • You can collect your expired items from our Auckland-based warehouse at no charge, or have any number of your expired items sent back to you via overnight courier for a flat rate total charge of $10.We understand that things can change and there may be times where you need an item that is currently on our site (or in-store) removed from sale and returned. While we will fulfil these requests, a lot of processing from our team is required before an item goes live so we reserve the right to charge a processing fee of $10 per item in these instances.
  • We reserve the right to request some form of government-issued photo ID before we begin selling your items.
  • We strictly do not allow replica or fake items to be sold on Designer Wardrobe and you are responsible for ensuring the authenticity of all items that you send to us. If we are unable to confirm an item is authentic, we may have to send the item back or, if agreed by you, have a third-party authenticate the item. Please note the cost of authentication will be deducted from your earnings.
  • We will always exercise the best care we can when handling your items. However, we are only able to intake your items on the basis that you accept all risk in the highly rare case of loss or damage.
  • In the unlikely scenario where we have a report that an item sent to us has been reported as stolen, please note that Designer Wardrobe takes reports of stolen goods seriously and will co-operate with law enforcement in all investigations.
  • We reserve the right to use your items for promotional purposes (including sale events).
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