What is a Backup Style?

For just $15, you can add a ‘Backup Style’ (as an optional add-on) for any rental booking. Perfect for when you’re not quite sure of the dress size or fit or simply want to have a second option available!

To add a "Backup Style", simply select “Add Backup Style” when you’re checking out and select from the range of options available.

Some details to note about Backup Style:

  • It can be any dress from the range of backup options available and can be a completely different style or size. It’s up to you!
  • You will receive your backup as part of the same delivery of your main option and you will need to return your backup at the same time as your main option.
  • You can choose to wear either option, or both! Note if you wear both you'll be charged the full rental price of the backup option (less the $15 you already paid) on return.
  • When you add a backup dress, the lower priced dress will automatically discount to $15.
  • Please remember to remove the tag only from the dress(es) you choose to wear for your event. Dresses without tags are considered 'worn' and you will need to pay the full rental price (less the $15 you already paid for).
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