Rip & Stain Protection

Most of our members take great care in renting items and the damage rate is extremely low. However, we understand that every now and again some wear and tear may be inevitable. That is why we have introduced optional Insurance when renting items on Designer Wardrobe.

What’s covered?

If you choose to purchase Rip & Stain Protection (Recommended!) when renting an item - we will cover any minor damage such as stains and/or rips, to a maximum cost of $250 NZD per rented item.

If you have rented items in your care that have been damaged in any way, please contact us before initiating any type of repair.

What’s not covered?

We understand that minor damage of clothing can sometimes happen, however there are other events that we don’t offer cover for. These events are:

- Late returns

- Irreparable or excessive damage including stains that can't be removed

- Loss of item due to carelessness, theft or other

In the event of irreparable damage or loss of the item, the Borrower would be liable to cover the fair market value of the item, at the discretion of the Designer Wardrobe team. For more information, please click here.

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